Creditor Bankruptcy
Riverside CA Creditor Bankruptcy Attorneys

When consumers file for bankruptcy, it usually leads to the debt they owed to creditors being eliminated. It can seem like the debtors have all the rights and power, and the creditor is left spinning in the wind. So what does happen to the creditors who loaned them the money? What are their options? How will the unpaid debt impact their business and/or career?

At the Law Office of Lazaro E. Fernandez, Inc., we help creditors find answers to these questions and recover some, if not all, of the debt owed to them. We understand the frustration you are experiencing and the implications that the unpaid debt will have on your future. We can help you with all of the following matters and more:

  • Consumer and commercial debts in bankruptcy
  • Collateral recovery involving personal property
  • Collateral recovery of real property in foreclosure cases

We have recovered substantial amounts of creditor collateral through both negotiation and court-based remedies. We are ready, willing and eminently qualified to take the matter to final resolution in Court.

We can employ all of the following strategies and more to help you recover debts owed to you:

Relief from an automatic stay.

If the debtor files for bankruptcy, they will receive a stay on the collection of debts. We can have the stay lifted in Bankruptcy Court so that you can move forward with collection proceedings, allowed under the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 objection to plan.

If the debtor files for Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization, we can examine his or her plan to uncover defects. Then, we can object to the plan, so that the plan as originally written will not put you in a difficult position to obtain repayment.

Loan negotiation.

Quite often, the debtor wants to repay the debt but simply cannot due so immediately. Our experience in working with debtors helps us negotiate acceptable payment plans that benefit both the creditor and the debtor. And, avoid a costly Court proceeding.

Review your paperwork to make sure it is legally sound and your interests protected.

If you are faced with a bankruptcy, contact us – Riverside CA Creditor Bankruptcy Attorneys as soon as possible for an initial consultation. We have helped numerous creditors recover some or all of their debts, and welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

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