Lien Avoidance Services

One of the most powerful, yet seldom utilized tools in the bankruptcy toolkit is Lien Avoidance.

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There are times when life throws you a curve. Something so unexpected or unfortunate that you find yourself unable to meet financial responsibilities—or if you are a creditor, unable to collect a debt owed to you. At the Law Office of Lazaro E. Fernandez, Inc., we assist California consumers with bankruptcy matters, as well as help creditors recoup losses in bankruptcy and foreclosure situations. The fact that we handle both consumer and creditor bankruptcy gives us a unique understanding of the challenges involved with each, and how to achieve the best possible solutions in both situations.

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California Foreclosure

What preliminary steps to take and a detailed overview of the California Foreclosure process.

Adversary Proceding

An adversary proceeding is the term used for a lawsuit filed in the bankruptcy court.

California Debt Relief Agency

Chapter 7

Also known as “Liquidation” or “Straight Bankruptcy.”

Chapter 11

Available to individuals, oftentimes when they have debts that exceed one or both of the Chapter 13 debt limits.

Chapter 13

The process involves creating a plan to pay secured and unsecured creditors an amount, determined by law, that the debtor can afford.